Custom Built Dive Boats 47ft and 39ft Spacious Boats With all amenities including easy entry and exit, rest room, fresh water facilities.
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We have operated in St. Lucia since 1992 and have supported the local and international tourism industry from inception. Dive Fair Helen: St. Lucia Undersea Adventures, is owned and operated by a St. Lucian environmentalist with over 15 years experience in marine research in his country. Some of his achievements include the establishment of the famous Lesleen M. Ship wreck, the formation of the policy document to regulate the sport diving sector in St. Lucia and the zoning of protected marine areas which resulted in the formation of the marine reserve and fishing priority areas of St. Lucia. "We at Dive Fair Helen are extremely proud of our island especially our marine resource and place great emphasis on education and safety".The pride of our operation is our two custom built dive boats: Dive Fair Helen II (Denise, a 47 ft. Burpee) and Dive Fair Helen III (Samm, a 39 ft. Sea Hawk), both with on- board wash room and shower facilities, plenty of shade and ease of entry and exit, allowing for a highly personalized service. We believe in maximizing the rewards to our client by offering the best possible price, flexible tour times and range of services in a simple one-stop shop facility - our dive facilities and environs are home for souvenirs shoppers, sun bathers, bar frequenter, river and coastal kayakers, nature trail hikers, scuba divers and snorkelers. Dive Fair Helen dive shop is located along the west coast of St. Lucia, Marigot Bay.
Minimal Time To Sites Get There Faster Minimal time to the prime sites. 15 minutes to Western sites and 45 minutes to Southern sites.
What is the depth range? Our dives seldom exceed 70ft. except in cases where divers use personal computers and special diver training programs require it. Our coral reefs start in 6ft.of water and our coral diversity extend to 200 ft. How long are the actual dives? Dive time ranges from 45mins to 1 hrs each dive. What is the water temperature? For most people T-shirts provide sufficient thermal protection. Water temperature is in the range of 78 F to 80 F with the occasional thermo cline at around 75 F. What is the visibility like? On a rare day the visibility can be as poor as 10ft to 15ft (prolonged rains) but normally it is in the range of 40ft. to 60ft. and on good days exceed 100ft. Types of fish and coral seen? Our coral reefs are home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Protected by the government of St. Lucia these fragile ecosystems shelter reef fish such as squirrel fish, parrot fish, grunts, eels, goat fish, angelfish, lobsters, large crabs and other crustaceans, sea anemones, sea horses and frog fish. Sea turtles and barracudas are also seen with the occasional whale and nurse sharks. Corals to be found include mountain star coral, finger coral, brain coral, pillar coral, leaf coral, fleshy and flower corals. Type of dives offered? You can wreck, beach, drift, wall, pinnacle and night dive. Our reefs offer splendid shapes which include 1:1 vertical walls, pinnacles and beach dives that drop to over 100ft within 300ft from the shore. How long is the dive trip? Distance in time to the dive sites range from 10mins. to 1hr. Earliest hotel pick up is 7:45am and we are back in port between 1pm and 3:30pm - depending on the dive sites. Are there dangerous creatures? Barracuda and sting ray - on our dive sites it is possible to encounter barracudas or sting rays, fortunately these creatures pose no danger because of the clarity of our water (divers are never mistaken for prey). The Scorpion fish (stone fish) - because of its camouflage ability to resemble coral, the scorpion fish may be described as the most dangerous fish on the reef. Not forgetting that our reefs are protected by law, this danger only exist for the curious diver interested in touching or breaking-off coral. Fire coral, fire sponge, bristle worms, jelly fish, hyrods, sea ants, sea urchins - getting in contact with these organisms will result in itching and burning which usually dissipate within a couple of hours. To quicken recovery and soothe pain, Sting-Aids can be used.
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